Zipcar: Refining the Business Model

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:44
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Assignment #1: Zipcar: Refining the Business ModelIn my opinion, the strongest argument that would make Zipcar appealing to investors is the well-designed wireless technology platform. As to the competition, the single market policy can’t prevent other competitors with strong power to enter. Whatever the place start, the competitors are one of strong factors that restrict company’s development. To win the competition, the new birth company should have one or more special areas that contribute the whole plan, which wireless technology platform could do the work. As to the consumers, in the early stage, the logical choice Boston is one excellent market for carrying out the new technology. The large population of college-educated have the capacity to accept the new wireless platform, and the huge number of Web-connected individuals would be the basic of Zipcar. For the later stage, wireless platform may solve a lot of work when Zipcar decide enter into the open market or other cities, the technology may ensure the security of the vehicles without building other guardian. The same reason, consumers using range would be larger than those traditional car-sharing companies. Last but not least, the company part.  The network technique and globalization are developing at an amazing speed. Due to that, the future cost for maintaining the platform would decrease.  At the variable cost level, the wireless platform would decrease the risk of cars’ missing, company may use this advantage to argue with car companies to reduce lease cost.

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