Zathura Vs. "zathura"

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:52
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Zathura vs. "Zathura"

A story about two boys who's relationships were about change forever. The difference between books and movies are most people like books better than movies. Movies have more detail. You also get know characters better. But this time the movie was better than the book. Zathura the book and "Zathura" the movie have the same basic plot, but the characterization is different; there is more action in the movie than the book.
Zathura the book and "Zathura" the movie have some similarities. Both book and movie have the same characters. Such as Danny and Walter. Also in the beginning they are both fighting. At the end they're getting along and respect is shown for each other. The game is also the same. They must finish it. Both of them have to play. Both games are dangerous in movie and book. They also get to go back home at the end of the game. In the same way both show some of the neighborhood. The setting of this movie and book is that the house is in outer space. It still takes place in a neighborhood, but the house goes into outer space. All of this takes place in a house.

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