Young People Want to Be Heard

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:33
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This essays talks directly to all young people that want to be seen positively in all areas of their life
As a young person in today's society, you are often viewed in a negative light. You are seen as arrogant, lazy, anti-social and sometimes even violent. You often feel that you are not being heard and that people have already made up their mind about the kind of person you are before they even given you a chance. And quite frankly, it sucks!
Well, I am here to you tell that you that they are wrong. You have the right to be seen exactly the way you want to be.

The image of young people in media is heavily negative. It seems like all it takes is for one young person to do one bad thing and you are all labelled as bad and unruly - the classic case of one bad apple spoiling the whole bunch. For example, young people who go out wearing hoodies being perceived as anti-social. Forget the fact that it just may be an item of clothing that you like wearing. No, you must be up to no good if you walk around wearing a hoodie. Remember in 2007 there was a picture with David Cameron and a young man making a 'gun-shot' gesture to towards David Cameron as he is walking away.

It made front page news when it first came out. The media went to town telling us that the young man in the photo was a criminal still wearing an electronic tag who also a gang member in the 'crime-addled' estate that David Cameron was visiting that day.

However pictures with young people shown in a positive light with David Cameron as respected members of their communities never make front page news.

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