Young Killers Being Killed

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:38
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Young Killers Being Killed
Ovre the past two weeks my class and i have been reading about juveniles being charged as adults. This age range for these obscured charges against children as young as 10 years old all the way to 17 almost 18 years old. Children are children, if our courts are going to trie them as adults then they should hold them as adults for every thing else including good or bad.
In one article written by Paul Thompson, he explained that at Nathaniel Brazil, a 14 year old boy who is being tried for gunning down one of his teachers. That outside his trial the crowd waved sings and posters saying "A child is not a man. "this is true seeing how the United States sees every and all children as just that, children as just that, children with the expiation of the handful children that are emancipated in this country.
Also in the article written by Marie lundstrom she said, "this is not to say that the boys ccrimes were not heinous, or that they should go unpunished " That shouldn't even be though, but the 71 children that are and have been on death row shouldn't have ever been tried as adults. But the children should have been tried as children and sentences to a stricked and emideate sentence.
In one oter article the writer, Greg Krikorian includes a little fact about Nabraska. Nabraskawas the anly state that didn't pass a new law alowing children to be tried as adults and sentenced to death row. This is right. No states should sentence 14 year old childrento death row. This is right. No states should sentence 14 year old childrento death. After all, in many of the children murder cases the children weren't on ellegal over he conter pharmasudicat drugs. Over all the controle we have over our young people is our ragous, we need to eather treat children as adults or make shure that we treat them like children.
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