You Will Be Asked to Choose a Person Who Can Benefit from the Lessons of the Hero's Journey and Then Apply Those Steps for the Person's Betterment

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:40
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Many essays attempt to educate an audience about a topic and, ultimately, explain ideas this audience may not have understood before reading your essay. You can use this essay style--the expository essay style--for purposes such as informing, persuading, and explaining. In our course, we will focus on the informative style of expository writing. To be convincing, essays must be driven by critical thinking and analysis. Throughout this course, you have learned aspects of effective writing that will be used in this Final Project.

Your Final Project for this course will be like the end of a hero's journey: sharing wisdom with your audience. In fact, you'll be writing from the point of view of a life-coach--like you, someone who has learned ways to have a successful journey. You will be asked to choose a person who can benefit from the lessons of the hero's journey and then apply those steps for the person's betterment.

Components and Directions:

A life-coach is someone who offers guidance to another person. This type of relationship is seen in every culture around the globe. The term "mentor" is just expressed in different ways, such as guru, teacher, life coach, elder, and others. Usually, someone will seek the guidance of a mentor and ask for help, or sometimes a person may notice another who could use some guidance and offer his or her assistance. After all, we all have our strengths and areas of expertise where we can offer our gifts to others who may be struggling. The final project for this course asks you to imagine a scenario where you are a mentor to someone else. You can choose the person you will mentor. You can be a professional mentor, such as in the workplace or in a career situation like being an exercise and nutrition specialist who is helping someone who has health issues.

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