You Can’t Be in Love If You Can’t Feel Pain

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:15
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Charleen Grace F. Cruz                                                                                    HUMALIT EL11220414“You can’t be in love if you can’t feel pain.”                                                                                                                         -Anonymous        Talking about love is very hard for me. I admit that for one, I am a hopeless romantic. And two, I love the idea of love. With that said, these statements could explain why I was crying my heart out during and after the film viewings. Some might find me weird or loony for doing so, but I do have my reasons, and they all sound pretty good. I might start with my failed instances of romantic love or well, more of my failed instances of romantic love. I would like to point out that this is not a sad essay. It may seem so due to the fact that my heartbreaks outnumber my heartfelt “kilig” moments. But nevertheless, this is a narrative of all my realizations while watching the film, backed by my long list of memories and experiences.        Jeux d Enfants is a film about two childhood sweethearts whose relationship blossomed and wilted in random moments of time. The film had a very mixed theme, ranging from romantic to morbid. To be honest, it made me feel like I was on drugs the whole time. On the other hand, Kramer vs. Kramer was a very realistic and straightforward film. Most films nowadays tend to make endings “rainbow happy”, but this film’s ending gave justice to its dramatic beginning and climax. Two things can be certain when you compare the two films. One, the two films are different from each other and two, it is both about true and ardent love. Jeux d Enfants or Game of Children could best be related to my life in terms of me being involved in a game with someone I love. The only difference is that I am the only player in the game and he has no idea that a game exists between the two of us. The game is me being in love with him while he goes around living his life as normal as he could. He has no idea how much my life has changed when he entered it. Often times, I feel stupid for playing it. What is the whole point of wasting your efforts on someone who cannot love you back? This is where Kramer vs. Kramer comes in. Father Kramer is not only in love with Baby Kramer but he was willing to give up everything just for him. That is how I can relate myself to the film. The devoted and unconditional love can be seen between the two of them. His efforts just to have his kid were so remarkable that the court handling his case was stupid for letting him lose it. Sometimes, even when you deserve good things, life does things that make you lose it.        But then, life has a way to give you the best things. Things may not work out sometimes but I believe that you’ve won once you’ve loved. Because once you love, things will always turn out to be the best in the best place and in the best time.

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