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Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:38
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XYZ Corporation is a located in a large country and with a prosperous and well established economic and manufacturing base. Now the country, however, has been undergoing substantial economic and demographic changes in recent decades. Serious economic challenges were besetting the country with a corresponding impact on the company but in this assignment we analyze the lack of leadership and the cross culture aspects of the XYZ Corporation.
Cultural Issues:
First we discussed about the cultural issue in the XYZ Corporation. The culture issue in the corporation is the feminist agenda because the new chief administrator wants to balance the gender mix of the employees as soon as possible and on the other hand employees were belongs from traditionally ethnic composition of the country population. The hiring, opportunities for leadership also mentoring were given t o those employees and when a new immigrant come in to the corporation then these traditional employees mentoring them and acknowledge them about the working environment of the company. So the above mention agenda makes big hurdle in the cross- culture. This issue makes other employees to leave the company or retirement.
Management Issues
The new administrator declared that she had no concern regarding the morale of the employees and the entire worker under her supervision were professional and doing their job efficiently and she don't care about the previous morale issues. She made sweeping changes to the promotion process of the company and also declared that if the employees will not forget the previous system and will not adopt the new system till then she will not consider any one for the future promotion. On the other hand she excludes men from their position although majority of employees in her area being male and chosen women for special projects and important committees.

Point of intersect:
In the case study the point at which the culture issue and the management issue conflict is the time when the new chief administrator announce that she needs a feminist agenda and she want to balance the gender mix because she did not like the existing system and she wants to apply her system in the company. She made serious changes in the promotion sector and she excludes most of the men from their position and promotes females on their places. As the majority of the employees of the company belong to the traditional ethnic composition of the country population. So consideration in hiring, opportunity of leadership and mentoring were also given to these employees. When she declare that she had no concern with the morale and she need a worker under her supervision were professional and doing their job according to her new system and the promotability of any employee is also rely on my system at that time employees moral was down because at one side she bring females on the places of male and also she apply her new system in the corporation. As 27% females and the rest of the employees were male so it is very obvious that male are in majority and when she exclude them it bears a big lose for the company.
Analyzing the Situation:
It is very clear in the case study that management is totally fails to manage the situation. A new chief administrator shows her lack of leadership because she wants to change the system and apply her new system and new system is feminist and on the other hand promotability is a big issue in the company. It is not easy to change the working environment because if you change the existing system it will disturb the employees and if the employees were disturbed then it will directly affect your company either in the form of financial losses or in the form of loss of human resource. So for the success and for the changing in the system you have to apply some strategic policies that helpful for the company as well as attract full for the employees and if any new chief administrator wants to change the system then it is very clear that system can't change on immediate basis it takes time and need to find some ways how to change this old system into new strategic system. So strategic management extremely important for the organization's long-term security, survival, growth and overall success. It is very clear that for the future success and the long term growth, Management should be strategic, build some new ideas and try to adopt some tactics that how would they manage the thing and for growth you have to work on your policies and your build such a enviourment that your subordinates were willing to work with the company they feels to own the company because if lower levels in management show insufficient interest in cooperating and collaborating, the organization would not move forward with success, though business may not necessarily fail.
There are several individual factors that affect the individual's personal motivations and his/her business decisions and actions. Among the specific personal traits and characteristics are financial and career needs and desires, as well as one's cognitive capabilities and limitations. Egoism can be a major factor. Operational performance-based compensations and related career promotions are very strong personal drivers; indeed, the immediate corporate results could impact the individual's financial health, his/her financial and job security, and his/her progression on the career path.
Management failure occurs in several areas such as financial, marketing, human-resource.
 Human-resource-related failure: This becomes evident when the organization fails to attract, motivate, and retain well-qualified, experienced, hard-working, and capable men and women. This is a result of ineffective organizational policies, inadequate organization structure and procedures, and inappropriate incentive systems.
 Sudden or massive loss of key and productive individuals: Poor human-resource management becomes evident when the firm experiences a sudden or massive departure of key staff or human resources--such as professional or knowledge workers, qualified and highly experienced executives and operational managers, financial backers--at one time or over a short period in time. The departure may be voluntary or involuntary. Lay-offs and firings, early retirement, and self-motivated separations could lead to inevitable organizational failure, accidents, and malicious acts. Unfair or inflexible policies could cause loss of key productive resources.
 Failure related to leadership personal traits styles: This management failure has to do with individual or personal qualities--such as beliefs, attitudes, values, expectations and motivations, knowledge

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