Xacc 280 - Career Opportunities for Accountants

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:16
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Career Opportunities for Accountants
January 20, 2013

Career Opportunities for Accountants
There are many different types of accountants. This field could take one into auditing, cost, forensic, public, tax, private, and trust accounting. Regardless of the type of accountant one decides to become they will be helping businesses, individual, or government to analyze and understand ones financial information.
The areas in accounting I find interesting and would like to work are forensic accounting or in a business as a cost accountant. A forensic accountant investigates white-collar crimes including issues like securities fraud, embezzlement, and bankruptcies. My reason for wanting to work in an area such as this is I have worked for some companies that were pretty shady and would of loved to had the opportunity to investigate them. A cost accountant is a part of my job as a manager in the company I work for. A cost accountant may calculate actual production costs, standard costs, or estimate new product costs for bids. These duties are something I do most daily and that is why I chose this area of accounting. I may not be a cost accountant in title but it is a part of my job so to keep production costs down.

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