Would You Have Made a Different Decision? If Yes, What Would It Have Been and Why? If Not Why?

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:53
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Would you have made a different decision? If yes, what would it have been and why? If not why?        If I am the manager of the company I will make a different decision and will not start the Ponzi scheme as it is not only involve in fraud but also it perversely inclined with the codes of ethic. Before going further into the reasons why I am disagree with the decision of the company to start a Ponzi scheme or generally known as pyramid scheme, let us go into how a person named Bernard Lawrence Madoff can influence people to invest in his business later be known as ‘hedge fund’. Madoff is a person who skilled in influencing other people to put their saving in his business. The position that he was held once as the chairman of NASDAQ also give a greater impact for people to put their trust in Madoff’s hedge fund. In my opinion to start an investment fund is a big idea and it is what people who invested in the Madoff’s fund think. Madoff give his clients wonderful report that shows that they are richer than the month before and for this reason, this is why Madoff’s hedge fund is seem very successful. This hedge fund also successful as it promise to give high return to the investors whether or not the economy doing well or not. Madoff experienced in the investment management as he also managed to be one of the NASDAQ chairman during 1991. Hence, with his ability and experience, he can come with an investment strategy that is legal and just for all the investors.

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