Worst Job at Pizzeria

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:00
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The worst Job I have ever had was at a small Pizzeria. Not only was it miles away from where I lived but I was also way underpaid. When I went in for an interview and they said they would call the next day. Two weeks later they randomly call me saying they want me to come in as soon as possible to begin working.
It was a delivery driver position at a local pizza restaurant. The only thing was, it was not a popular place. So we would get like 8-10 deliveries per day. So if I worked 3 hours a day, I would be lucky to get 1-2 deliveries. I was getting paid sub-minimum wage because my "tips" were supposed to cover it. I would only make about 3-6 dollars in tips per shift. Sometimes I would get lucky and take a 200 dollar order, in which case I would get about 40-50 dollars in tips. Other times, I would be working for 6 dollars an hour getting zero tips and zero deliveries.
The rest of the time was spent serving pizzas to customers during a busy lunch rush. I was never trained. I was sort of just thrown in there and I was expected to figure it all out on my own. I never really knew what to do. I would constantly make mistakes, and no one would correct me. It was a confusing job, and no one ever helped me out when I was struggling.
People working with me were very stuck up and unfriendly, and I never felt welcomed there. One of my supervisors would constantly yell at me for simple things. He was misleading. He would tell me not to bother him, and to stay as far away from him as possible (kind of hard when you are working in the same room with him), but then when I didn't help him out, he would get extremely mad and treat me like an idiot. I was always nervous around him, and therefore I would make a ton of mistakes around him. He was supposed to train me, but instead of training me, he just went about doing his own thing and expected me to learn by watching him. He always condescend me right in front of customers, and instead of helping me learn from my mistakes, he would just yell at me and then leave me alone to clean the mess up. He would often throw things in frustration, and make me feel incompetent by making rude comments.
In addition to deliveries, I also had to work at a nightclub serving pizza to drunk college students from 11pm-3am. No one told me I would have to be doing that when they hired me. One night I showed up at 11pm, and they told me to go to a separate location and start working there. I'm 19, I'm not even legally old enough to enter a night club. Yet there I was, serving cold moldy pizza to people that took 5 minutes to properly sign a credit card slip.
After working there for four weeks, I was finally "laid off" after going through perhaps the most confusing week of my life. I called the store 5 times asking when I work again, and they kept telling me to call back later. Finally they called me and told me to come in at 10AM the next day. I drove

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