World War one

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:25
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Australia became involved in World War 1 for three main reasons. Firstly, although they were known a nation of its own, they still held close ties to the ?mother country?, Britain. Secondly, if Australia became involved, other countries would have a greater respect for the diminutive new nation. Thirdly, at the time Andrew Fisher promised that Australia would stand behind their mother country. He believed this war to be a noble cause where Australians could demonstrate their loyalty. Most thought of themselves as 'Australasian Britons', bound to Britain by 'the crimson thread of kinship' and a proud junior partner in the empire. The service of over 320,000 Australians in the Great War would offer the first substantial challenge to that view and would stimulate the growth of a self-conscious Australian nationalism. Approximately 98% of Australians non-indigenous population was of British descent. Therefore, most felt incredibly dedicated towards the empire. Australia's dual loyalty was evident in the name of the volunteer force formed in September 1914, the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). Its first members sailed for the war in November 1914. They had enlisted with mixed motives: to serve King and Empire, to have an adventure, to see the world, to do the right thing. One man in five had been born in Britain; many enlisted in the hope of a trip home before seeing active service.
Australia became involved in the first world war because they were part of the British empire. When the Britians entered the first world war they called for help as they had not much of an army. India, Canada and Australia came to their aid. India suppied over a million troops.

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