World War 2 - a Major Impact on the Our Economy and Society

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:22
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Fonseca 1David Fonseca7th periodFinal Essay        In this semester , the most important event that we talked about would be WWII because it had a major impact on the our economy and society. In wars they were mainly trying to prove to one country that they were either powerful and or to gain more allies. We learned about how every aspect of life is involved with wars or to the will to survive which was the most important thing back then. In today's society everything is being “Hand fed” not like back then. I had relatives that were involved in WWII, they lived in Poland which was when Germany was invading Poland. I have a slot of history from this war which is one of the reasons of why I pick this Event to be important. Ever since the wars, The society of other countries are either still damaged or are still trying to build up and restore everything. United States was the one that was affected by WWII. Things that are main factors from this was being affected by discrimination, Politics such as how elections make people feel, and how the deaths of people affected to those who were related to them. The most important thing about this semester is how United states was affected by WWII which caused people to fight against each other such as discrimination, and how United states fought the Soviet Union. The competition of nukes b/t USA and USSR increased competition and lead to them fighting which could have caused WWIII.(Dove Notes). USA made the nukes first which lead to USSR having spies and stealing the information that USA had to create nukes which lead to competition to build the most powerful nuke.(Dove Notes). WWII  is important because it Lead to invasions such as how Poland which was invaded by Germany which created WWII. Therefore, these are reasons why WWII was important. When people often disagree on people's decisions as a whole community they often have protests and raid the streets full of people to prove what they believe in such as rights, and beliefs. Such as WWII People believed in one certain thing such as communism and democracy. USA and USSR were trying to spread the beliefs by the molotov plan and the marshall plan.(Dove Notes). This is because, USA and USSR both were competing to spread their beliefs such as USSR with Korea and USA tried to spread it with latin america such as Nicaragua. It can obviously express of how important it is to control the society by preventing total chaos which can lead to damage, death, and also safety issues

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