World War 1

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:20
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World War 1 was the first time women played a major factor in war, and there works of staying home and low demeanor jobs were long gone. Before 1914, Working class women were still tied to the home or continued to work for very low wages in factories, on farms or even as servants. The expansion of women’s education allowed some women to enter careers which had previously been male dominated, but only careers such as teaching, nursing and office work were “suitable” for women.
During World War I, women were more actively in the workforce due to the lack of men available to fill positions. At the time women could not vote and did not have many legal rights either. The war left a huge shortage of workers. The companies and industries needed help with workers due to the fact that men were sent off to war, the labor shortage needed to be dealt with, and women were there to help out. .
The War lead to more opportunities for women and the types of jobs they were able to receive. Women began to make war products such as guns, ammunition,tanks, and clothing to help the soldiers on the battlefield. The Women’s Land Army was formed to ensure food production continued as so many male agricultural laborers were in the army. Women also headed to the War front to work in hospitals, treating injured or ill soldiers, while many nurses continued to help the injured at home. “By 1918 there were 1.3 million more women at work than in 1914”. Even though women were now helping the same ways as males were they were still discriminated in the work area and paid less than male workers .

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