Workplace Change - Introduction and Implementation of the Human Resource Information System (hris) Towards a More Effective Data Management

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:24
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Workplace Change: Introduction and Implementation of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) towards a more effective data management
Most organizations in the past have been designed for stability rather than change. Structures were created to ensure that regular, routine work got done consistently and minimum disruptions occur (Rubinstein, 2011). In our world today, the only thing constant is change. Changes always occur as technology and skills are changing and in every change that occurs there are different approaches required. Major changes or a period of sustained changes requires the creation of specific arrangements and training to help people cope with the effects.
Many academics and researchers have been debating on the importance of changes in the workplace for more than 20 years and yet they never had a concrete answer. However, there is a consensus that the most important aspect of the workplace change is flexibility in the deployment of employees. Employers today are always experimenting with a wide range of innovative work forms (Appelbaum and Batt 1994).
In order to manage change, especially in the workplace, organizations need to find out what particular set of changes they need. They must collect people's ideas or fears. They also must assess their organization's readiness and isolating the possible options, which people can most easily identify. Chief executives are important players in managing changes in the workplace; they must display congruent behaviours and review the organisation's objectives to ensure there is learning or training component (Financial Adviser, 2008).
No matter how enthusiastic employees may be about the aims, the process of workplace change is inevitably uncomfortable. As delays will occur that may create frustrations and frustrations will grow as the change becomes implemented. Some earlier optimism might fade and give way to disappointments for some employees. After this, effort has to be put in sorting out problems, that with hindsight, employees will now realize that these problems should have been foreseen all along. The most important issue is confusion brings discontinuity. Before the change, employees always use to get things done but after the change, some become useless or disjointed. Therefore, it is really very important to prepare and help the employees through this process by providing information about where the change is heading so they will have a clear sense of direction.
There should be a clear understanding of the organisation's key purpose for the change and how the change will advance their knowledge and skills. Also, there should be an indicator of their progress so that employees will know what's happening and why the change is happening and how this change fits into their current process. In doing these things, employees become committed to the change because they know what they are committing themselves to.
This essay examines the impact of the introduction of a major computer technology change in my previous workplace in Dubai, UAE. By using the SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis and the five models under which workplace changes might occur that was developed by John Storey (1992, Developments in the management of human resources: an analytical review Oxford, Blackwell Publishing), I will be describing how the change was introduced, how the individuals in the workforce reacted, how any subsequent reactions could have been reduced and what type of model or models they used to implement the change.

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