Work Place Violence

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:15
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GET MY ESSAY Industrial Revolution 1
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Industrial Revolution and the Boom of Middle Class
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[Name of the Institution] Industrial Revolution 2
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Industrial Revolution and the Boom of Middle Class
It is argued that it was the industrial Revolution's
social and economic changes that brought about the middle
class. This paper is intended to expand upon this argument
and try to reach a conclusion.
There have been distinct periods of interpretation,
each shaped by the contemporary conditions experienced by
the historians who developed them. Late nineteenth-century
British commentators saw the Industrial Revolution as a
sharp technological break with the past, a break that was
not only big but heavy with cataclysmic consequences for
ordinary people.
In this paper it is argued that middle class was came
into existence due to the industrial revolution.
Industrial Revolution and the Boom of the Middle Class
The new paradigm was, like the first, influenced by
contemporary problems, this time those of the "Third World"
and its "underdeveloped" countries.1 Its proponents analyzed
the Industrial Revolution as the first example of successful
economic development; they focused on the long-run rise of
1 Rose, Sonya O., Limited Livelihoods: Gender and Glass in Nineteenth-Century England (Berkeley, CA:
University of California Press, 1992), pp. 8, 9, 13, 16. Industrial Revolution 3
© 2009
the standard of living for the majority in developed
economies. As the passage of time demonstrated the limited
results of "development policy" for Third World countries
and the late 1970s and early 1980s revealed the
unanticipated fragility of western economies during that
period's international economic restructuring, economic
historians began to look with different eyes at the past.
Important also in this regard was the accumulating evidence

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