Won and Lost

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:40
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Category: Religion

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The heavy load i was carrying on my back. I can feel it lash through my skin, yet i need to endure this. The heat of the sun, the crawlers creeping through my uniform, the mud, everything tried to pull me down, yet i was still there. I should be there, for everything was depending on me, not literally on me but on the load i was straddling on my back. "Come in delta 214 charlie over kshhhk" over, the portable radio on my back reckoned. "This is Delta 214 charlie over kshhhk, coast is clear over kshhhk," the commander replied to the radio commander. "Stay frosty wait for commands over kshhhk". Those were the last words that i heard coming from the radio commander. Even though the commander said that everything was fine, i can sense something was not right. Everything was going fine, the rainforest was very quiet even though it was the middle of a war. "Stay low ladies, we can get the hell out-ta-here alive if we just try to creaaarrrghhh". A bullet pierces through the commanders head leaving him twitching on the ground dead while thick red blood pumps from his head. A hail of gunfire starts. Ratatatata and i saw three of my fellow country men go down. Ratatatata, the gunfire still continues. I was in panic, seeing three of my comrades fall down at almost the same time made me go a bit insane. Get me out of here!!! were the words that were screaming through my head. A Vietnamese soldier pops up from the fallen tree that i was hiding from. Cont.

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