Women in the Army

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:52
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Women have been serving in the military since before the 1940's. Many women served as nurses in barracks and clerks in offices. It wasn't until the Gulf War that women didn't really serve in combat. Before this time there were very few women that served in armed combat. Now women can climb the ranks just as male officers. Many still fight prejudice remarks on the right to fight in combat.
Women have been an important part in the military since the dawn of political power. Women might not have been in direct combat fields but they were behind the scene attending to the needs of the wounded as well as in combat strategies. The question that has been raised in recent years is if women should serve in armed combat. Before women were let on battle fields, they were allowed to serve in air combat as well as naval combat. The first time women were truly recognized for fighting in armed combat was in the 1990's.
The first Gulf War started in 1990, allowing women the right to fight besides a fellow man. Around 40,000 women served in the Gulf War, and 11 women were killed in action. Because of these numbers many say that women should be allowed to be on the frontlines. Women provided a tremendous help during the Gulf War. Many women carry the same if not greater responsibility in life. Many say that women serve as protectors, thus giving the right to protect in combat, can improve the numbers of casualties.

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