Women in Cabs Service

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:44
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Competitor Analysis Major competitors in the Woman driven abs segment are ShecabsPriyadarshini Taxi servicesGcabsViraCabsAngel CabsOla cabsUber CabsCompetitor Offering- Priyadarshini Cab service- Service beagn in 2008. The main aim of the startup was to empower women from economically and socially backward classes. Value proposition- Safety for womenDriven by womenGPS enabled cab serviceAvailable 24/7Round the city and tourist spot.Special packages for senior citizens and daily pick up- drop. ShetaxiSHetaxiSakha CabsTag lineIndia’s first safe taxi for women, family and kidsSafe transport solutions for womenFleet 25 cabs10 cabs Customer base7000+ customersPoints of parityPoints of differenceImproved driving behavior and the Sheforce, control over speed, safety meter etc. Personal safety alert switches to the Sheforce and passengers inside the car. Personal safety mobile app 24/7 Security control room. Launched in Kerala in November 2013. Entrepreneurial model designed to target working professional women, students and tourists. Tag line- India’s first safe taxi service for women, family and kids.Customer base- 7000+ of whom 50% are repeat customers. Value proposition- Systems to ensure safety such as SafeUnconventional Transformational Differentiated offerings-Viable cab business in Kerala. Collaborate with Shetaxi and implement their best practices as they have been given a sustainable business model report by the World Bank in 2015.G cabsFleet- 160 CNG Swift DziresStatus- Acquired by OlaCabsShecabsHyderabad based startup Tagline- For her by herPoints of differentiationGPS tracking system

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