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Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:59
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Effects of Education on Females in IRAN

Well-Educated women and their roles in family and society

Salimeh Pour Mohammad
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Education as a capacity for finding the appropriate place in this modern world has a specific role in the life of everyone to achieve his/her aims and objectives.
Education and its impression on women's life, importance of searching more knowledge, female proportion in access to Education, the barriers and benefits in this respect, why should we encourage women to be educated and so on are subjects that have studied in this paper. Also, it has overviewed the key issues relating to equity of men and women's education in Iran.

Key Words:
True Education, Females' Education, Quality of Life and it's improvement, Controlling over life, Decision Making, Equal Chance for Educating, Gender equity, Meritocracy in Society and Globalization.

Education have facilitated and expanded by social, cultural and economic channels amongst nations including Iran. It has clearly affected female proportion.
Education is the fundamental area where women in Iran are demanding to have appropriate proportion and nowadays is as a power in the hand of every body specially women.
The importance of Education has obviously understood by everyone in Iran. Also, current wave of globalization has increasingly promoted females' lives especially in developing countries. Therefore, it has affected their Education too.

Women accessibility to Education system in Iran:

Any society has its specific methods of spreading knowledge which people whether children or adults can benefit from.
From over 600 years ago, Iranian has had their especial schools which their single teacher has tried to teach the students for both males and females. Students used to learn the Quranic concept. Also, reading and memorizing Quran has been one of the most important tasks of those schools in Iran with the name of Maktab as like as all Muslim countries. This traditional method for educating was for religious education only.
However, girl's Education after Maktab has not been common in cultural and traditional points of view for centuries. Also, parents have not had any attention to send their girls to school and if the Education fees had been significant, girls would have been in first priority to be taken out of schools.

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