Woman Role in India

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:56
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Men view women as a burden because men do most of the work in the field. "At the root of female subordination to the male was the practical fact, as in most agricultural societies, med did most of the work in the fields." text book. Female has little service outside the home. "Females were viewed as having little utility outside of the home and indeed were considered, an economic burden." Textbook. Parents are required to provide a gift to get a husband for a daughter. Female children also presents little help in maintaining the family unit, after the wedding ceremony, they joined families of their husbands. "There are numerous signs that in some ways women played an influential role in the Indian society, and the Hindu code of behavior stressed that they should be treated with respect." textbook. Indians seems mesmerized by female sexuality and the way women used their sexual powers to get control over men. "The author of the Mahabharata, a vast epic of early Indian society, complained that "the fire has never to many logs, the ocean never to many rivers, death never too many living souls, and fair-eyed woman never to many men." textbook. Women regularly take part in an significant role within the family unity, and many were accepted and grateful for their talents. In the painting and sculpture from the ancient and medieval India often illustrate role of a women is equal to that of men. Homosexuality is well known in India. It was not allowed in the law books but literatures ignore it, which dedicated its interest completely too erotic homosexuality. "An indication of the ambivalent attitude toward women in ancient India is displayed in this passage from the Law of Manu, which states that respect for woman is the responsibility of me. At the same time, it also makes clear that the place of women is in the home." Textbook. The second century C.E. The Kamasutra, a textbook on sexual practice and techniques dating.

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