Wine Industry

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:42
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Size of Industry and types of wines: The global wine industry is roughly the size of $130 billion to $180 billion in retail sales which is attributed to three types of wine: Table wine, dessert or fortified and sparkling (Champagne), where Table wine accounted for the major share of the market.
Producers: There were more than 1 million wine producers worldwide, however, no firm accounted for more than 1% of global retail sales in 2001.
Market concentration: Substantial variations are observed in different countries. Four firms account for 75% of the Australian market; top 20 firms control 75% of the U.S. wine industry; 75% of world production happens in Europe and 50% of world’s supply by just 3 countries (France, Italy and Spain.
Demand: The shift towards premium wines is evident as jug wine sales in U.S. have declined by roughly 3% per year during the past decade, while premium wine sales have grown by 8% to 10%.
Criterion Old World (Europe) New World (Aus, Chile, SA, US)
Type of Vineyards: Small Family Owned Vineyards in majority. Some households produced for their own consumption. Large Publicly Traded Firms owned majority of Vineyards. Almost all of the Wine was purchased by consumers.
Technological Orientation Less technologically inclined. Grapes were usually handpicked. Highly inclined towards investing in new technology & innovative methods. Machines used to harvest grapes.

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