Why Start-Ups Are Hiring India’s Disabled Workers

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:51
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Aidan Bergin 14305881Discrimination based on disability: https://www.ft.com/content/ee83b842-f3ba-11e7-88f7-5465a6ce1a00 Why start-ups are hiring India’s disabled workersWorking as a disabled person in India is challenging. Disabled people are not given the chance they deserve and often do not receive an education and are not considered for jobs. In India 2% (27m people) of the county’s population is disabled (although this is believed to be an underestimation). However entrepreneurs are starting to give disabled workers hope and the chance to earn a living by recruiting from this untapped workforce. Vindhya, a customer service provider, employs 1300 workers and 60% of these have some form of a disability. This is having a knock on affect with their customers, who are now looking at people with disabilities as a resource. The lack of professional openings for people with disabilities is overwhelming as 90% of Vindhya’s employees never had a job before.New laws have been introduced to increase the number of disabled workers in public-sector jobs from 3% to 4%. However the issue remains enforcing the laws as when they were first introduced in 1970 they were not adhered to.Access to education poses an issue for those with disability, with many having to go to special schools or abroad to get an education. Disabled people are stereotyped as being unable to manage the work instead of focusing on their drive an ambition to learn.One of India’s largest banks refused to give a loan to a start-up business that was employing disabled workers on the basis that it was ‘’unviable, because you’re hiring disabled people’’. Lemon Tree Hotels employs 500 disabled workers out of 4600 and finds no compromise in quality.The best way to break down the stigma and prejudice with disabled workers is by bringing them into contact with the public. Seeing disabled employees preforming the same tasks as everyone else, just like everyone else will change our view of these capable workers.Opinion:In my opinion discrimination based on disability is a big issue in society, where people assume that these workers aren’t capable of preforming the same tasks as those without disabilities and as efficiently as those without disabilities. By placing disabled workers in positions visible to the public I think that it will help break down this prejudice. Despite laws protecting disabled workers, I do not believe that disabled workers are given the same amount of opportunities as others, in particular in developing countries where they have little rights.

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