Why Focus Group?

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:28
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Why Focus Group?Comparative AdvantagesBy comparison with the in-depth interview, focus group discussion may be comparatively superficial, generating only "surface" information on individual respondents. However, the collective nature of the focus group isless appropriate as an investigative tool for the disclosure of personal, sensitive information.A comparative advantage of the focus group is it can enable researchers to identify the full range of perspectives held by the respondents quickly.  Moreover, the main feature of focus group, such as interactional and synergistic, allows participants to clarify or expand upon their contributions to the discussion in the light of points raised by other participants, thus expanding on contributions that might be left underdeveloped in an in-depth interview.ReferencePowell, R.A. and Single, H.M., 1996. Focus groups. International journal for quality in health care, 8(5), pp.499-504.The Focus Group We ChooseWe choose Mintropolitans aged 30-39 as members of the focus group. Based on the report from Mintel Group (2017), the majority of Chinese consumers, especially Metropolitans aged 30-39, have recognized the importance of brand ethics, there are 3 detailed research explain the fact.About half of Mintropolitans are serious about ethicsMintropolitans have a significantly stronger desire to buy ethical brands at a premium price or when other brands are more widely available, appearance of their products is more appealing or quality of their products is higher, as compared to Non-Mintropolitans. This is because buying ethical products makes them look and feel good. It is worth noting that the majority of Non-Mintropolitans are not ready to consider brand ethics as a key purchase criterion, let alone pay more for it.Figure 1: Agreement with the statements on purchase preferences, March 2017Base: 3,000 internet users aged 20-49“Which of the following statements, if any, do you agree with? (Multicode)”[pic 1]Source: KuRunData/MintelMintropolitans aged 30-39 are more ethically-drivenAmong Mintropolitans, 30-39s have the most interest in ethical brands as they are more willing to pay extra money for ethical brands as well as sacrifice some degree of product quality and appearance to purchase ethical products. Moreover, the average number of factors that this age group believe are important to ethical brands is 4.50, while the number drops to 4.18 among 40-49s and 3.94 among 25-29s (see Databook in Important Ethical Factors), indicating that 30-39s have more knowledge regarding and expectation towards ethical brands.

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