Why Did Bmw Launch the Films Campaign? What Was the Motivation?

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:13
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Why did BMW launch the films campaign? What was the motivation?
BMW had a rare opportunity where they did not need to focus advertisement efforts on telling consumers about new products, but could focus their efforts on pure branding: “What makes a BMW a BMW?” The films could also address the challenge of appealing to a younger generation of future consumers that do not want to be associated with the same generation of consumers that their parents belong to. In the films, the car was marketed as rugged, sporty, and cool to appeal to younger consumers, rather than featuring the brand’s luxury attributes which would resonate with the brand’s older, more affluent segment.
What about the execution of the campaign? Did BMW do a good job distributing the films, promoting the films, and so on?
The brand is experiencing a positive, successful sales and marketing momentum when The Hire campaign is considered. The difficulty of accessing the ad was likely a major reason why the campaign did not reach BMW’s most profitable market segment. By making access so cumbersome, BMW really limited their audience to a younger crowd with more expendable, free time. Though there is huge risk in alienating their most loyal and profitable customers, BMW likely aimed for these films to resonate with younger, less affluent customers in hopes of converting or strengthening that segment’s brand loyalty in the future in an emotional, nostalgic, and novel way.
What about the films themselves? Were the films well-executed from a creative standpoint?
The films were well-executed from a creative standpoint. BMW took a big risk in allowing the film directors complete creative freedom. This could have been a double-edged sword in the sense that the films are provocative with potentially offensive storylines and content for an older generation. However, because BMW’s target segment is skeptical of traditional and more latent attempts at advertisement and marketing, permitting creative freedom in the project is an appropriate decision.

Which customer segment is most likely to be offended by the films?

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