Why a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:56
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Hypnotherapy can be very powerful tools if engaged correctly. It is therefore essential that the most precise script is used for the correct person. When undergoing hypnosis, the induction ensures that the subject is sufficiently relaxed to experience the process fully. The form which this induction takes can be dependent on the therapist, the type of hypnosis being undertaken and the initial consultation conducted by the therapist. Some therapists may rely on a standard format for all inductions, whilst others advocate the use of personalised scripts tailored to each client. Whether this is a more effective method and produces better results for those undergoing hypnosis is a question open to debate, firstly the debate for personalised inductions.
Personalised inductions
When meeting a subject for a personalised induction for the first time it is essential to build a good rapport. This can be done quite easily by chatting, observation and general discussion. Clients can also be scored or assessed on their appearance, behaviour and personality which gives a clearer insight to them. This kind of assessment is subjective, by the therapist and gives a general indication rather than a definitive answer. However it provides a useful tool for the therapist to use, in order to begin personalising the induction for the subject. As a therapist, it is important to try to find the most effective way to communicate with the subject. Positive language is used as the mind does not respond to negatives very well. By doing this and using positive reinforcement about changes that the subject wishes to make are all ways of building a good understanding relationship with the client; and by doing this provides a starting point for a well-designed personal induction.
It is important that as a therapist we view everyone as individuals. All of us have different likes and dislikes, values, beliefs and backgrounds. Personalised inductions incorporate a subject's possible likes and dislike including their hobbies and their work, and general references to their lifestyle. It is useful to be aware of topics that are going to 'strike a chord' with the subject in order to encourage the unconscious mind to embrace the instruction, as well as help them relax and put them at ease. It is also important to be aware of what is likely to repel as well as patterns of speech and behaviour that will help relax. Subjects may be 'put off' by reference to body parts, or floating (if the subject is scared of heights). It is also important that the language and metaphors mean something to the person who will be using them. Standard metaphors will help most people. Personalised ones will be more specifically tailored to the problem at hand and because of this, will be more effective. Scripts can be personalised in many ways including, personalised language, identifying the subject's modalities, and identifying whether the subject has a preference for a permissive or authoritarian style of induction.
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