Who Wields True Power

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:11
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Who Wields True Power
Nature vs. nurture has been a debate that has widely changed the views of many, but the question of humanity vs. nature is one that has been less talked about and in my opinion holds the most weight. so the question to pose is… who controls the balance? Do humans control nature or are we simply pawns in the natures game of life? I believe that nature controls humanity. Yes, humans manipulate and utilize the resources that are available, however, we are not “in charge” by any means. There are many aspects when it comes to society in terms of preserving nature. Nature influences man and vise versa, there are invisible rules if you will. Rules that maintain a level of respect towards both sides. In many ways nature is like a parent who lets the child live their life and do what they want to an extent before they get “in trouble”. Not many people talk about how nature really holds the power in this natural relationship.
In Dialectical Materialism there is a short essay called “Man in the Realm of Nature”, that states, “Man is not only a dweller in nature, he also transforms it. From the very beginning of his existence, and with increasing intensity human society has adapted environing nature and made all kinds of incursions into it”. There is an abundance of truth to this quote, man truly has bent and manipulated earth to its needs and desires. For example, the door to hell is a man made natural disaster. In Deerweze, Turkmenistan the soviets made a drilling rig in 1971, it made an enormous hole that contained a large methane gas reservoir . The soviets tried to just burn away the gas but they unfortunately, were unsuccessful in the idea of chemical reaction, resulting in the gas continuously burning till this day. There are many more examples however, the idea is there. When society tries to take the easy way out of something, or ignores the information given by the earth it results in a disaster. The shrinking of the Aral Sea is also an amazing example of how the earth reacts to humanities manipulation. By the diversion of rivers for an irrigation plant put in place by man the Aral Sea was the one to suffer. Ten percent of the seas 68,000 square kilometers just vanished. This sea being the fourth largest landlocked body of water now has a vastly depleting array of marine life all at the hand of man.

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