Who's Raising Our Kids Parents or Video Games?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:11
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Who's Really Raising our Kids Parents or Video Games?
By: Darnell Alan Ayers
American Intercontinental University

A study was performed to gather information determining the cause and effect of video game playing and behavior in children. Points were taken from both stand points with parents and many supporting adults claiming violent video game playing causes violent behavior and why it possibly could. Point were also taken on why violent games does not cause violent behavior in children and an overwhelming amount of video game players grow up to be law bidding citizens. A small history in violent video gaming will also be discussed to help support the reason why violent video games do not cause violent behavior in children.

Who's Really Raising our Kids Parents or Video Games?
For years Hollywood has spoiled us with fresh new entertainment every decade, it wasn't until the mid 1970's video games took the world by storm. With the release of Atari Computers in 1975 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, their first game 'Pong,' was launched into our homes as the first console game ever (Mary Bellis, 2010). The instant success of 'Pong' by Atari was so big a demand for more instantly hit the streets everywhere around the United States of America. That was the beginning of a new era, a new start in entertainment everywhere in the world. From old to young every person was playing video games, it became the new fad, so of course over time the games began to get better and technology blossomed into the mid 1980's. This brings us to the beginning of the Parent vs. Video Game age; can everyone remember when the Nintendo was released? It was in February, 1986 World Wide. Now we all see over a ten year stretch of home gaming entertainment, the first with Atari then with the N.E.S. (Nintendo Entertainment System) and no major articles or complaints on violent behavior from children then. Perhaps everyone was too busy playing video games to blame this form of entertainment to be a motivator to violence. Which is the point exactly; video games have always been a form of entertainment to satisfy ones imagination, where you can be a hero and save the world or a villain and take control over everything. Video Games can't be the cause of violent behavior simply because of its content, being raised knowing right from wrong, what's real and what's just a game, is the responsibility of the parents now, just like it was then.

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