Who Gets Power and How They Hold on to It

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:47
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Who Gets Power and How They Hold On to It
Power can be defined like the ability to get things done the way one wants them to be done. A power's person is measured by its ability to get it. To explain it, we will use a model of power called strategic contingency theory. It implies that when a company, for example, is having dangerous law problems that threaten its existence, the legal department will gain power and influence in the company decisions. There exist cases, where managers of departments have gained a lot of power by the critical uncertainties and problems facing the organization and in time they have replaced the head of the corporation getting advantage of all the power they got.
Moreover, the power should be shared in organizations and it is principally shared by the necessity. Power is shared because no person controls all the desired activities in the organization, because power derives from activities rather than individuals, it is never absolute.

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