White Collar Crime

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:34
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Assignment #1
1. What are the relationship between trust, respectability, risk, and white collar crime, and
how do these relationships differ when the crime involved is conventional, rather than
white collar?
Trust, in this sense of the word is merely a notion that the other party will act
accordingly and honor whatever duty was previously set forth as an expectation. Trust is
something that is an element in relationships individually and within a corporation or other
business arrangements. Respectability, by definition is, “worthy of esteem, proper, of good
standing”. All terms that can be closely associated with the word trust,as well. Respectability
has always been a term closely related to white collar crime, because white collar crime has
always been closely associated with those of the “upper class’, or “of esteem”. Risk , in relation
to white collar crime is the conceivability of the chances of less than favorable consequences,
whether that assessment may be to the cost of being caught proceeding with less than
favorable behavior in corporate decision making, or the mere factor of the moral risk of
irresponsible, reprehensible decisions regarding the trust that others have afforded to you.
These relationships differ greatly in the sense of conventional crime, merely for the fact that
conventional crime is generally considered more violent, and or physical. Generally speaking,

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