Where's the Nanny?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:35
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Where's the Nanny?
I knew something was up with her the minute she walked through our door. She had ear length furious red hair, snake like green eyes, and thin lips so chapped I cringed every time she rubbed them together. "Hello, my name is Lisa, your nanny," were the first words I heard out of her mouth. Lisa looked at me as if I was a dead rat, mom must've told her about my past. I am the middle child out of five kids. My brother is a jock, my 14 year- old sister is a nerd, and my 8 year- old twin sisters are practically Barbies. I would like to categorize myself as a 13 year- old prankster. Anyway, back to Lisa; I knew she was odd. I didn't mention it to mom because I knew ever since dad left she needed help with us, but mostly me. Well none of my siblings noticed anything so we all gave mom a kiss and she went to work.
"Ok children, I believe it is time to set some ground rules." Lisa stated.
"Do we have to get on the ground?" I joked, my brother and sisters snickered.
"Oh Doug, your mother has told me a lot about you," and she smiled revealing crooked, yellow teeth that looked like candy corn.
"Apparently she hasn't told you enough." I whispered under my breath.
"Well kids let's not waste time because I feel like tonight is going to be the thrill of your life." Lisa exclaimed, I almost expected thunder to clap and lightning to strike as she said those words. The five of us went to sit on the couch to wait for the fun to start. Lisa was standing blank and mysterious, as if waiting for something. All of a sudden the lights flickered out and everything went black.

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