When the Bough Breaks: Kim Andersons Story

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:30
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When the Bough Breaks: Kim Andersons Story
For decades, health experts have tried to determine why African-American babies are twice as likely to die as white infants. When the Bough Breaks: Kim Anderson's story was very informative on this subject. As I watched this documentary I realized that because racism is such a strong factor in African Americans lives, it causes an unhealthy amount of stress. This in turn can cause infant mortality which is something I did not know until viewing this film. Kim Anderson was a very successful business woman and still had effects put forth by racism during her pregnancy. Kim was an African American but racism as it pertains to pregnancy affects other races as well such as American Indians , Puerto Ricans and Mexicans although the infant mortality rate is highest in African Americans. I believe that racism is defiantly a stress factor in most people's lives and I think that it may be a huge factor when it comes to infant mortality and overall health but I also think that there are other factors that come into play when speaking about infant deaths such as poverty levels, age of pregnancy and proper health care.
In Kim Anderson's story, she was a very successful business woman, exercised daily, and was in good health along with being able to afford health care for her and her unborn baby. She still had a low birth rate baby and it amounted to the stress cause by racism. Psychologists have done studies and when you are always prone to things like racism, your body releases stress hormones and your body basically becomes overloaded which affects the unborn baby. It also constricts proper blood flow though out your body. Chronic stress of racism is a wearing out of the body and infant mortality is a serious risk of this. It only makes sense to say that stress can cause infant mortality because stress causes other health risks in our human lives all the time.

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