What Was the Cold War?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:04
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two of the most influential movements in twentieth century America were the progressive era and the new deal. the consequences of each movement were far reaching and helped transform the united states fundamentally. Compare and contrast the two movements explaining their origins, programs and how each transformed the country. this should include an appraisal of presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and Franklin d. Roosevelt

what was the cold war? your answer should explain how it originated. how did it influence American society and what were the consequences of the cold war?

In your estimation, what were the tree most influential inventions in twentieth century American and how did each change American society? Who ere the innovators?

Your two essays should be no more than a total of five pages combined. Each should be shoulder-spaced,12 font with margins.

The New Deal vs. Progressive Era

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