What Is Sociology

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:03
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Sociology can be found and is a part of many other disciplines such as psychology, history, economics and business by naming just a few. Sociology has evolved over the years from its major contributors such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber. Sociology examines different cultures, ethnic groups and social conflicts. Functionalism and socialization are also theories that are associated with sociology. It gives an explanation to certain matters that are being faced in our personal lives our communities and even the world.

What is Sociology?
Sociology can be defined as the study of human behavior and how we as humans interact with our environment. Sociology looks into groups, communities, organizations and societies to study and observe how people operate within each context. Social causes and consequences, social life and social change are also major areas of study for sociologist. Sociology digs deep into all different aspects of life seen that all human behavior is known to be social. Sociology ranges from gangs to the nuclear family, from crimes to religious practice and the division of gender, social class and beliefs. Sociology has provided many prospective on the world and is still developing new ideas. It also offers techniques in the research of behavior issues such as crime and violence, war, different families and how is emotion expressed. Sociology looks into behaviors of life and gives a reasonable explanation behind them so to increase the understanding of socialization among ourselves.
According to Ken Browne (2011) sociology is considered to be a "systematic (planned and organized) study of human groups and social life in modern societies". (p.4) Sociology tries to understand the different institutions of life and focus on how they function. Examples of different institutions are families and the upbringing of children, the education system how skills, knowledge and attitudes are passed down from generation to generation and religion the relation with the supernatural. It is said that all these institutions forms a society's social structure. Inequality, deprivation and conflict which is present in all societies were also matters of concern. A point Bowne tried to also carry out is that sociology was not only common sense to which many people perceived it to be, but is the continuous in depth study of the human behavior.

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