What Is Religion?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:56
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The idea of religion can have different meaning to different people. What people believe can be based off of morals, culture, life experiences, science, ect. Seeing as there are many different aspects to the path of one's religion allows for definitions of religion to differ from person to person as well. This is why religion is very difficult to define. However, through studying some diverse religions I am able to see similarities between them. Even though individuals may have different views on what religion is, I see religion as a system of beliefs that adds meaning to its follower's lives. The followers can learn their place and significance in the universe due to the teachings they follow. In addition, religion is the how they journey through the present life toward the religion's ultimate goal; through practice and worship of a higher power. While looking at two religions we have studied, Theravada Buddhism and Islam, one can see how both religions' doctrines and practice can be encompassed into this definition.
Any religion must have a set of beliefs to follow and look to for guidance. One belief both these religions have in common is they both believe in one higher power. Islam worships Allah, while Theravada Buddhists worship Buddha. Islam believers worship Allah only and have consequences for sins and disbelievers. Theravada Buddhists see Buddha as their teacher of Dharma (teachings of the Buddha). Although each of these higher powers have somewhat different teachings, the teachings ultimately result in how they want to see their followers live their life. Through both these higher powers, believers also can discover who they are as they walk their religious path of life.

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