What Is a Good Source

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:19
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What Is a Good Source
There are a variety of ways to gather information when writing papers. Individuals can go to the public library to look through books on the shelves or old newspaper articles. Books and magazines can also be purchased at local book stores. Over the years, the technology has vastly advanced and the internet has become today's most used form of resource. With all these forms of resources available, you still have to determine if the source is credible. Some of the information comes from highly educated individuals that are experts in the field that they chose to write about. The other information that can be found is based on facts and opinions of normal everyday people; though it may be true, it is not able to be verified by facts.
The Internet is a good source to formulate a proposal for Artemis Sportswear Company for cutting operational expenses because information can be found on how other companies cut expenses. Companies such as the retailer Gap and PC maker Dell. Both companies were able to cut cost and increase profit in this tough economic downturn. Although not increasing sales volume the cut in operating cost turned out to increase their profit margins. Informative readings like business knowledge articles provide tips to consider when running a business to increase profits or reducing operating cost. Tips to include owning equipment, instead of renting or leasing, to cut down on unnecessary expenses (types of advertisement) and of course, the possibility of downsizing. The effects on workers can be reduce wages or the layoff of a large number of employees. Other possible effects may be reduction of health care incentives or other benefits a company provides its employees. Productivity may increase, decrease, or even stay the same, depending on the avenue taken to reduce operating expenses.
A good resource is one that can be backed by facts, based on its topic. The resources you use, while writing your paper, will have a direct reflection on the outcome of the information. The use of internet resources has helped companies cope in today's society. It gives them the opportunity to learn about competition, as well as advertise their own products at the same time. People often hear of new products that are being developed through these internet resources.

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