What Is “content Is King” and Content Marketing

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:25
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1. What is “Content is King” and Content Marketing
The statement “Content is king” is suggested by Bill Gates in 1996. The statement refers to content is expect to make much of the real money on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting (Gates, 1996). Content includes text, music, game, software, sports programming, video and classified advertisement (Gates, 2015). King refers to the element which could gain much of the real money on the internet (Gates, 2015). “Content is king” and content marketing have commonalities and differences on e-marketing. “Content is king” emphasis content could solely earn much of the money on the internet; while content marketing is the creation of content with intention to distribute it, and engage with highly targeted audiences, and attract new customers in the process (Pulizzi, 2012). Content marketing make content visible, for example, they make easily visible text on website by using color contrast. It also encourages the use of backlinks for search engine optimization (SEO). Backlinks links websites together, so that users could easily transit between sites (SEOmark Corporation, 2015). Social shares and optimize the website can engage the clients through share information on social medias. Tagging useful content and quoting the important point on Google engine search can develop an optimized website. Content impacts todays’ marketing. It changes buyer behaviors as it provided valuable, expertise and useful information for consumers (Marketing Donut, 2015).The content could educate consumers, show them best practice, and tell them what to look for (Marketing Donut, 2015). The e-marketers can also create trust by using content to solve problems from customers (Marketing Donut, 2015). It creates loyalty when the content is genuinely useful.
2. Websites and Blogs
Websites are built with heavy contents, for instance, text, images, video, music and files that uploaded by website designers. ‘Content is King’ would be a suitable statement to describe the importance of content in terms of websites profit making. The development of corporate websites is considered as one of the approaches for content marketing. According to KingContent (2014), EMPIRE, a famous US crew was going into the Australia market; however, they were virtually unknown. Therefore, they had created a microsite with heavy contents: vibrant videos, descriptions and imagery. During the campaign, there are 26,000 visitors per month and 40% of them become buyers; and the total revenue generated by the campaign was $5.22M (KingContent, 2014). This case had proven that good content could earn money on the internet when developing corporate websites. Blog is also built with heavy content; however, it requires suitable distribution channels to distribute the content in order to earn money on the internet. Blogs are written by bloggers and they neither get paid nor pay fees to blog. The major income of blogs is advertising income and it depends on the view rate (Perelman, 2014). Blogs have to maintain and increase their view rate in order to be profitable. One of the most valuable blogs in the world, BuzzFeed, had their agency strategy VP, Jonathan Perelman, emphasized that “Content is King, Distribution is Queen and she wears the pants” (Perelman, 2014; Bloomberg, 2015). He explains good content has to go with suitable distribution channels in order to success. As BuzzFeed had their distribution focuses on social streams, both social views and seed views had at least doubled blogs’ view rate in average and boost advertising revenue (Perelman, 2014).

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