What Cause Child Abuse

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:39
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early childhood education
the causes of child abuse are multi-faceted and can't be narrowed down to a single cause. Oftentimes, there are multiple factors at play. For instance, a father may be an alcoholic and part of a family system that is caught up in a cycle of abuse that spans generations of the family. In this case, the alcoholic may be a contributing factor to the dysfunction, but there is also the generational factor to consider.

Thus, in analyzing the causes of child abuse, it's easier to break it down into sub-categories which put children at risk for abuse and neglect. These include the social-economic causes of child abuse, the family environment, parental profile, and child-related characteristics. The term "causes of child abuse" is in reality talking about the conditions which may make child abuse more likely.

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