What Can a Manager Learn from the Characteristics and Activities of This Particular Team? How Might the Factors That Contribute to This Team's Success Be Adopted in a Business Setting?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:25
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Determine the reasons for the team's effectiveness. Consider team characteristics and activities, such as role structures, norms, cohesiveness, and conflict management.

There are many reasons behind a team's effectiveness. The Task Group has announced an Ad-hoc meeting every morning. The Task Group continued addressing the comments and issues. The Task Group was structured into three different teams. A team from the Group was Analyzing called Business Analyst, another team was developing and the other team was testing the quality standards can Testing Specialist. Since IEEE is a non-profit organization, these projects were sponsored other organizations and there were some conflicts. We tried to maintain the standard and established an IT community. On the other hand, the companies tried to make more profit doing less. We had some conflict management and all the policies in placed to deal with this kind of issues. Finally, we had good understanding and completed each task on timely manner.

What can a manager learn from the characteristics and activities of this particular team? How might the factors that contribute to this team's success be adopted in a business setting?

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