What Are the Most Important Qualities a Leader Must Have in Today's Society? and Why?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:21
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What are the most important qualities a leader must have in today's society? And why?

The world we live in has pledged to many philosophies, both ancient and modern. Leadership, the act or instance of leading and/or guiding by advancement, is a vital skill one must exercise. In today's society we tend to easily lose focus on the objective of leadership, and the process where it is attained. I believe that a modern leader should most importantly possess an open mind, be a team player, and self motivated. These qualities should be emphasized because they enable a leader to visualize and analyze critical situations from different perspectives. These qualities also conjure a leader to recognize the significance of mutual fellowship. And ultimately, they will advance the leaders ability to maintain the morale of his/her group.
Primarily, being open-minded is a quality that is often suppressed when guiding a group and/or congregation. As a leader, one must acknowledge the beliefs, ideas, and practices of others. Utilizing this ability best serves as the foundation of networking and broadcasting new ideas. When approaching an unfamiliar environment, a leader should often seek the opinions of his colleagues, and be willing to expose new ideas. A modern day leader who exercises this quality is the current U.S President, Barack Obama. Upon service in office, it was clear that the rigor of stabilizing the current economy and neutralizing the various domestic and foreign issues of the U.S was indeed distinctive. As Obama adjusted to his new working environment, he frequently sought the opinions of his cabinet and consistently embraced the various ideas of the public through mass media. Throughout his calm act of open-mindedness, the president had successfully addressed critical issues such as healthcare. For all of these reasons, I believe that in order to be a successful leader, one must possess the quality of open- mindedness.

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