What Are the Differences Between Physiological and Psychological Needs?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:57
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1.What are the differences between physiological and psychological needs? Provide examples of each in your response. Physiological needs, according to Marketing MiMi.hu. (n.d.) "Innate feelings in a human that consist of deprivation that is in relation to a person and their own individual needs" (Para. 1). These things are primary type needs such as the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and anything else that may be necessary for our survival. Psychological needs, according to Marketing MiMi.hu (n.d). "These are innate to a human and consist of feelings that are related to deprivation to a person being mentally well" (Para1.). These types of feelings are very important for a human to be happy and to have good health. These needs are social acceptance, as sense of belonging, a close family and friendships, honesty, hope in the future, pride, safety and security, a high self-esteem, high success, and good self-actualization. All of these needs you can find in Maslow's pyramid and hierarchy of need's theory, which he created in 1943.
The differences in these two types of needs Is one is meant for survival and has to be met in order to survive, the other is to be happy and well within oneself and the safety and sense of belonging help to a person to reach their fullest potential, this is internal needs while the other is more external. In order for a person to know the true differences they have to see that survival is most important, this has nothing to do with the psychological needs. Once the physiological needs are met then the mental needs come after.

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