What About My Own Soil

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:58
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Soil is very important to us; it is where we build our lives. In the sense that, it is where we get our food and rely on physical structures. As an agriculturist, we say "Soil is life" it is where our life is. Without soil, we cannot live in this earth. Basically, I know very well how to know and to maintain a rich soil. The proper way of handling especially during planting and harvesting period. Scientifically speaking, yes I know very well but the question is, how about my inner soil? Do I have a rich soil that a good seed can propagate?

I claim to know how is to live. But when things do not go the way I expect them to be, I begin to pull back. At the end of a burn out week, I sigh, "Life is an unfertile soil. I sulk. I get frustrated. When things get rough, I cease to find meaning in what I do. The good works I have done seem to be in vain. My relationship gets blurred. Problems get worse until I see no way out. I give up and conclude that I really cannot have a rational explanation for all the bad things that happen. The only choice I have is to abandon the soil and go where pleasurable and comfortable are.

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