Western Culture

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:05
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ABCDIn modern times, Western culture has been leading the trend in the world. Christianity and the classic "bible" had an indelible impact on Western culture's formation and development. And Christianity and the "bible'' was a key for the world to understand the western culture. Whether in the Christian beginning period, its dark Middle Ages, the Renaissance or in the modern ages, Christian not only gives support to Western literature in creation but also gives support to Western culture in the spirit. Therefore, the writers who were in the Christian atmosphere were inevitably influenced by the Christianity so that their works more or less reflected some Christian consciousness. Although with the development of the times, the impact of Christian culture on western literature has gradually changed, but in people's hearts, Christianity was still occupying a dominant position. It is no exaggeration to say that no Christian means no Western literature.
Western literature before the Middle Ages
Talking about Christian literature, the works before the Middle Ages is a link which can not be ignored. Christian literature was produced in about 1-2 century AD, and it's most representative work is the "Bible". "The Bible" is not only as Christian classic but also the Collection of folk literature. "The Bible" is consisted of "Old Testament" and "New Testament" .Among them, the "Old Testament" embodies the Hebrliterary achievements. It includes the Jewish original myths, ancient legends, national epic, historical songs, Prophet Literature, apocalyptic literature, wisdom literature and so on.

Western literature of Middle Ages
Christianity made a great contribution to the development of human civilization, and a beautiful "Bible" stories for the world's literary masters provide a source of inspiration. However entering into the middle ages, the church's forces can control anything, whether Catholic or orthodox have their own sphere of influence and of millions of believers.

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