Welfare Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:01
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Welfare is helping the lower standards of community, like those at or under minimum wage. It was originally meant to be temporary help for those who were out of work, or not quite making enough to substance them and their families. The meaning and use have gone through extensive changes from when it was first created. There is a need for comprehensive welfare reform, in order for the welfare programs to continue to work. Medical Assistance (Medicare), Food Assistance (Food Stamps) and Cash- Assistance are three major welfare projects that are abused, and over used. The changes that have been made to the program, the places where fraud exist and the few regulations are the main reasons these along with other welfare programs are failing. Each program has other programs in it making it easier for fraud and misuse to happen. To fix the system of welfare we need to first identify what is wrong with it and the loopholes.
A major Welfare program Medicaid, which was created by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. Establish for the elderly, it was for those 66 and older to help pay for medical needs Since then many other programs have been added under the umbrella of Medicare (Medicare: a time line of key developments). There are people, who need Medicare, and it is a very basic need of America's economy, but there are multiple places where it can be fixed so that there are fewer loopholes in the system. During the years 1970- 1974 the Medicare coverage was extended to those under 65, those who receive S.S.D.I payments for two years, and those with E.S.R.D. (Medicare: a time line of key developments). Throughout the rest of the 1900's, there would be almost constant change and amendments to the Welfare system. During the late 80's The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) was an act that made Medicare coverage mandatory for all newly hired state and local government employees, it was later appealed. (Medicare: a time line of key developments) In the 2000's the "Welcome To Medicare" was added which makes Medicare cover physicals, regular screening and more, this along with the MMA plan changes have added to the cost of Medicare. (Medicare: a time line of key developments) In 2002, over forty million Americans were covered by Medicare services. (Medicare). In 2000, Medicare expenditures were 90.7 billion dollars for Plan B and 131 Billion for Plan A. (Medicare) The price that those covered increases but not enough to cover the expenses. Since it was created Medicare keeps adding more people, from disabled workers to younger generations for the program. The Medicare program should go back to its original form where it was meant to help pay for medical cost of the elderly, but the age should be raised because the life expediency of the average American has been raised.

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