Weight and Activity Level

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:40
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Weight and Activity Level
During the three day diet study I ate a whole lot of calories. On my day 1, I ate a total of 3458 kcals, on day 2, I ate a total of 3201 kcals, and on day 3, I ate a total 1562 kcals. My estimated calorie needs per day is 1961 kcals. On my first and second day I ate over 1000 kcals over the estimated calorie needs. On my third day I ate 399 kcals less than my estimated calorie needs.
My BMI is 25.2, which puts me in the overweight category. I actually gained 15 pounds from the last two years. When I was younger I had always maintain my weight. In my early teens I weigh 110 to 115 pounds and for my height I was in the normal weight category. At 15 years old I ended up pregnant and during my pregnancy I ate a lot of fast food. I gained 35 pounds during the pregnancy but after I had my baby I lost 10 pounds and I was 125 pounds. When I was 19 years old I was really stressed, so I drank a lot of alcohol and I think that is the reason why I am considered overweight because I now weigh 138 pounds. I don't have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or any health issue that is related to weight. If I did have a family history health issue that is related to my health, I think I wouldn't eat so many fast food like I do now and I would definitely eat healthier.
I don't exercise on a regular basis. I tried to but I always get side track and I start to lose my focus. The exercise I tried is called the P90x; it's a DVD workout that I saw on the infomercial. The workout really works. I workout to the DVD for about a month and I lost ten pounds but I got side track so I kind of put it on hold for now. The workout is really intense; the DVD workout focuses on each different parts of your body each day, so you're not doing the same work out each day. What I try to do now because I don't exercise on a regular basis is take the stairs instead of the elevator and I usually park pretty far so I can take a little walk. I also take my dogs for a walk; I usually take my dogs for a walk for about 30 minutes a day. I take my dogs out for a walk four times out of a week. So out of the week I get about two hours of exercise from walking my dogs.
General Food Choices
During the three-day diet study on the daily food choices from my pyramid. On day 1, the recommended servings or exceed, the servings that I ate is 12.7 oz of meat and beans, 3.4 cups of vegetables, and 12.3 oz grains. I fell really short on the servings for milk and fruits. I ate 0.2 cups of milk and I ate 0.4 cups of fruits. On day 2, the food group I met with is meat and beans and grains. I ate 8 oz of meat and beans and for the grains I ate 12.1 oz. I fell short on milk, fruits, and vegetable. I ate 1.3 oz cups of milk, 0.5 cups of fruits and 2.2 cups of vegetable. On day 3, I ate the recommended servings for grains. I ate 7.4 oz of grains. I didn't eat enough servings for milk, meat and beans, vegetable, and fruits. I ate 0.2 cups of milk, 2.3 oz of meat and beans, 0.9 cups of vegetable, and 1.9 cups of fruits. The recommended serving that I needed for each food group is 3 cups for milk, 5.5 oz for meat and beans, 2.5 cups for vegetable, 2 cups for fruits, and 6 oz for grains.

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