Ways of Communication Within a Bussiness

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:05
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Internal Communication:

1) Memos: These are useful between employees in a company or between company subsidiaries to transmit ideas, decisions, requests or announcements. The use of memos is a common way of transmitting thought between people working in the same business. Some disadvantages of memos are that there are possibilities that the memo may be lost when trying to deliver it to a certain person. Also, as memos are really short, they may also be considered really vague, in the way they do not express full ideas, which may produced a misunderstanding of ideas between the sender and the receiver, making the message lose its meaning.

2) Intranet: An intranet uses the same technology as the Internet, but operates within the confines of a single organization. Information is much less expensive to distribute and maintain with an intranet than with paper equivalents. Also, this business, normally big companies, compared to speeches or handled information papers. A disadvantage of using intranet as a way of communication might be that some people are not always, or maybe never, checking their business intranet, which will produce employees have a lack of information of the business. Also it is possible that there is a server breakdown, which means that the intranet might stop functioning for a while due to maintenance, or other problems, making the intranet useless.

3) Face-to-Face: These might be the perfect way of communication because the transmitter of the message is in front of the person he wants to pass his message on. This way the receptor of the message will definitely receive and understand the message. Is more of a direct communication, which usually improves the transmission of an idea, because the person that listens considers him/herself more into the issue. The problem with this type of communication way is that only one, possibly 2 people, will get the message. This means that if the transmitter want the message to get to a lot of people he has to do to the same procedure with many people, producing a loss of time, and maybe money, because while the people are having their conversation, some time of work is lost, which includes the loss of money.

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