Walmart - Deciding Locations for Braches

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:45
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In the past, many manufacturers of best products and best service providers expect customers to come and knock at the door steps of their factory or organization just to be avail to avail of their high end products. It is now becoming very clear that having the best quality product brand in the market is not enough to guarantee consumer preference. If we will open a business, one of the most vital factor is business location factor where we will open the business. Good or not, a location determines the very success of a business. Compromising with less good location will never do the business any good.

Just like any business, Walmart takes its own steps in deciding locations of its branches. In the case given, It is even a deeper consideration whether moving into a small town shall be pushed through. Also, it takes a lot of evidences or encouragement for Walmart's chairman of the board to approve of the plan, especially that many people and businesses, alike, will be affected by the said "moving in" of Walmart.
Particularly, owners of small businesses located nearby will still be bothered by the very fact that a larger establishment of higher variety and can offer the people of the town products at cheaper prices. The specific consequences of Walmart moving in the small town are as follows:
● Additional Competition

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