Wall E Ending

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:21
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Upon setting foot on earth I saw towers of rubbish, my mind had changed from what I saw on the computer while we were out in space.
While we where trying to walk we couldn't we had to wobble. After 4 days of practice to walk we were really fat and started to exercise we used the jogging track in the axiom every day after 2 weeks of exercise we were fit and ready to make earth a better place.
After all those exercise a leader had to be picked they choose the captain as there leader, people volunteered to be minster of health, minster of transport, minster of education, minster of emergency services, minster of building, minster of infrastructure.
Robots were reprogrammed to teach children and adults the right way so they could learn, as a source of knowledge they used the captain computer because it had all the information anyone could need.
2000 robots were reprogrammed, 500 were building vehicles that can go on water and land, another 500 robots worked at a rubbish plant were they made the rubbish in to electricity and petrol for cars, 500 were building houses and 500 cleaned the streets of the cities.
Humans saw some animals walking around then those animal made babies and babies and then humans started to hunt for food and grew vegies and fruits, people opened up there own shops BnL was destroyed. Then big business started to open like Wall mart, HJ techs, JB H tech and Jag cars

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