Vladimir Putin and Jeff Bezos

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:05
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Vladimir  Putin and Jeff BezosVladimir Putin. The Russian leader was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg. Putin began his career in KGB as an intelligence officer after graduating from Leningrad state university in 1975. Putin rose very quick step by step. He actually began his career from mayor`s office of St. Petersburg, and then he was a director of FSB and then in 1998 he joined to former President Boris Yeltsin`s administration where he was at the top ranks of Russian government. In 1999 he became a prime minister and next his position was President of Russian Federation. He was elected twice on this position. And he became a president again in 2012.Vladimir Putin is not just the president of Russia; he has been governing the largest country in a planet. The Russia is known as country with huge natural resources and largest energy producer in the world. This means Putin is a leader of significant economic powerhouse. He is not a delicate kind of leader, his action and internal and external political decisions shows that he represents power.It is obvious that political leadership most difficult leadership style because leading a whole country has a lot of difficulties and hidden obstacles. Political leaders are responsible for a lot of things such as: nations, country, and community. The beginning period of president Putin was at 2000. That time for Russia was highly uncertain period. But the country was ready to change and it needed strong leader who could develop country and fight the corruption. Putin had and still have that kind of leadership characteristics to help the country. President Putin has proven to nation and the entire world that he is able to lead the country. Furthermore Putin still improving his leadership performance and he has a vision for better future not only his country and also to former Soviet Union countries.Jeff Bezos. He was born in Albuquerque in 1964. From early age he displayed significant interest to electronics and difficult mechanisms. He even converted parent`s garage to mini laboratory for his scientist projects.  After graduation from school he worked in Wall Street where the role of computers was increasingly rising. During the period in Wall Street he rose to the vice president of one of Shaw Company.  Bezos grew in his career in Wall Street was because of his overall talent for any type of assignments.  He would achieve success in finance area if he didn’t make particular decisions which changed his life.Internet made important influence in his life. Internet was created for military purpose to connect computer networks during the emergency. Time after time, internet became acceptable to general people. Once upon, Jeff Bezos discovered that number of internet users grows quickly and he opened new business sphere with huge opportunity, and he started to consider the future possibilities. Thus he comes up with the idea to book business through internet. He creates the needed team and started to realize his ideas. Business started to grow faster than anyone expected. Step by step he transformed his “bookstore business” to “earth`s biggest anything store”.Success of Amazon allowed him to expand to new different business areas. For instance, he founded an aerospace company “Blue Origin”. Interesting fact about the Blue Origin: company`s goal is to make possible the human presence beyond the Earth.With absolute certainty we may consider Jeff Bezos as a successful business leader. Successful leaders always take decisions. The world is constantly changing, and it involves business world. Thus, it is no need to stop in one place, you have to be on trend and make right decisions.

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