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Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:32
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Chaos and order with Palm

Thesis: In this analysis, I will be explaining what the ads focus is, who the desired audience is, and how this ad works in attracting its audience using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

Analysis: Using the traditional note taking method as a negative example, this ad for the Cento Palm is appealing with the use of Logos. Its reasoning is that with their product, you can keep important dates, numbers, events or anything else in one convenient device. Logically so, it makes you think that with this device, you would be less stressed and have a simpler, quicker way to organize daily tasks. It makes sense to have everything in one, easily accessible place where you know it will be.
Meant to attract people in the business world, or anyone who has a fast paced lifestyle, Palm gives the perception that taking notes is quick, easy, and pen free! Appealing to Pathos, this ad suggests that People don't always have paper to write on and at times it can be inconvenient to carry those items, but with the Palm, you can have all those luxuries and more in one small device. When looking at this ad, you can relate by its example of writing on your hand to remember something or take notes, which we've all done.

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