Vision Change Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:06
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A vision statement gives the current status of the organization, and points to the direction of where the organization would like to go. A vision statement is not about what the company currently is, but what the company hopes to become.
Mentor Graphics based in Wilsonville, Oregon provides software and services for building advanced electronic products. The software enables engineers to design and build systems and cabling for electronic products in the consumer electronics, computer, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace industries.
The strategic change initiative in the Mentor Graphics case study is the company is trying to find a vision statement that fits where the company is trying to go. In this case study Gerard Langeler, president of Mentor Graphics Corporation is trying to realign the company's vision statement.
In this case study, Mentor Graphics started with an unarticulated vision to "Build Something That People Will Buy." Their competitor, Daisy Systems had the same vision and they outcompeted Mentor Graphics. Daisy Systems became the new vision driven by the need to survive as a business.
After being in business for 5 years their revenues grew greater than Daisy's Systems and finally their vision had be realized. In spite of the recession, the company continued to grow but suffered growth problems, and the staff wanted a new vision for the company.

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